Scheduling solutions for insurance companies
independent adjusting (IA) firms, and adjusters.


The Client

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The trusted marketplace for the insurance adjusters community

The ScheduleIt team approached us to create a platform for the insurance adjusters industry. They wanted to create a multi-platform experience to connect theirs users with the existing web systems in which insurance adjusters will find the inspection appointments from different companies . Their main services is for Scheduling solutions for insurance companies, independent adjusting (IA) firms, and adjusters, Scheduleit sought to provide a good solutions for adjusters and insurance companies they will educate the adjusters in case of their appointments , their billing , providing solutions for the insured person and adjusters and helpful information while connecting adjusters to trusted companies , Skytz Software Labs worked with the ScheduleIt team to design and develop a set of customer-facing iOS and Android native apps, along with complementary customer-facing and business-facing web apps.

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Branding designed to convey the image of a trusted source of information

At its heart, the ScheduleIt platform serves as a scheduling solutions for independent adjusters and Insurance companies related businesses. With that goal in mind, we designed the ScheduleIt apps to provide a simple, uncluttered user experience that centered around the principles of Insurance adjusters community . The ScheduleIt apps give users many mechanisms to discover nearby appointments , a location-based explore mode, a map based geolocated view, and finally a full-featured search interface. Furthermore, the ScheduleIt team wanted the app to provide Maximize adjuster productivity with the Schedule It mobile app, so interwoven into all user experiences and providing features like, routing solutions, Automated scheduling , and multi calender features track income for the insurance adjuster community . For businesses, the ScheduleIt experience centers around its powerful business web portal that provides insurance companies/ independent adjuster a feature-rich, yet simple, tool to manage their business or appointments with insured person ’ listing and visibility across all scheduleit experiences. .

the design challenges in the creation of the scheduleit apps were rooted in this dichotomy. The goal was to establish trust with a clean design and muted color palette, while still keeping it bright and cheery. As both a marketplace and an educational tool, we needed to ensure that users could find what they are looking for with ease. .




A true platform: B2B and B2C experiences across mobile and web

The ScheduleIt platform consists of consumer facing iOS, Android and web apps that is supplemented by a web-based business management tool. At the technological heart of ScheduleIt is a fully-featured engine that provides to insurance adjusters and insurance companies businesses a mechanism to manage their appointments , provide work and easy to maintain everything related to insurance adjusters community . This app takes into account a number of factors, such as a user’s location, profile information, routing appointments features and multiple business attributes when determining what businesses a user sees and in which order..



Day View Appointments

Local Deals

Appointment details

User Profile

Eran Dror, Head of Product

Schedule It alleviates the most stressful part of any deployment. It is so nice to pull into town, open my email, and know exactly where I need to be the following day. It has made me more productive and allowed me to make more money!.

Wade Sele

A adjuster
@ Skytz Software Labs


The consumer facing apps and website are the core of the ScheduleIt experience. Getting high has never been so easy.

Creating a business facing web application to ease the process of delivery

From the very beginnings of the project, the Skytz Software Labsteam understood the success of scheduleit depended on finding the right product-market fit. Working in lock step with the scheduleit creative and business team, the Skytz Software Labsteam worked in an Agile-based execution model–working in 3 week sprints to go from concept to alpha, beta and final launch. This started with a limited iOS based alpha product that showcased the basic directory function of the app. Then with each subsequent sprint the Skytz Software Labsteam added new features, platforms and integrations, quickly responding to feedback and insight from early-adopters, investors and businesses. With this quick model of design, build and test, the Skytz Software Labsteam was able to help scheduleit get from concept to full platform launch across three platforms with the separate products in 8-months, a stunningly efficient pace given the depth and breadth of functionality scheduleit launched with.


We made a business portal to allow marijuana-related business to spend more time doing what they do best: getting you your greenery!

Business Profile Stats

Business Profile Stats

Deal Creation

Deal Creation
Featured Highlights

Featured Highlights

Fully functional native iOS, Android and mobile web experiences for consumers

Business focused web portal for management of directory information

Deal placement, promotion & redemption engine, enabling consumers to order products directly through the app

Featured Highlights

Map based, geo-location based discovery experience that leverages the Google Places API

Custom, multi-attribute based advertising engine to enable business to bid on and secure premium placement

Integration of Ghost CMS to publish cannabis related culture content within the app

The Results

With scheduleit, you can search and discover nearby cannabis dispensaries, doctors and delivery services. Since its launch in 2017, the scheduleit app has won praise across the cannabis industry with tens of thousands users and an equal number of cannabis related businesses signing up to gain exposure on the platform. As a result of the success of the scheduleit launch and the widespread legalization of cannabis across the country, the platform has secured multiple rounds of institutional funding and is continuing to work with Skytz Software Labsto expand its feature set, capabilities and 3rd party integrations to meet the growing demand of the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Feel free to check the product live here:

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