Coast Employee Messaging App

Coast Employee Messaging
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El Dorado Airport

The Client


Coast Employee Messaging


UX Design, UI Design, iPhone Development & Android Phone Development

A simple messaging workspace with tools for managers and staff on the go

In 2015, Townsquared team approached Skytz Software Labs to design and develop a set of iOS and Android apps for managers and staff.

A simple messaging workspace with tools for managers and staff on the go,Whether you’re off the clock or going on a vacation, 🌴 😎 sometimes you just want to unplug. Snooze the entire app, or even mute specific chat groups. Coast separates work from personal messages so you’re always in control.

The official airline app of the El Eorado Airport in Bogotá, Colombia

Design, Build and Deploy

Building both iOS and Android apps for Townsquared ,Coast Employee Messaging

Initially, the Townsquared had worked with a local app development team to create the Coast Employee Messaging. However, after two months of struggling to overcome the technical and design challeneges of the project, the Townsquared approached Skytz Software Labsto take over development of the iOS and Android and web apps.

The Skytz Software Labs app development team was tasked with a tough challenge: design, build and deploy the first iOS version of the Coast Employee Messaging within eight weeks.

The Skytz Software Labs team finished the app in six weeks.

User Experience

The Skytz Software Labs app development team created an experience that focused on the core needs of an Coast Employee: Task Management, Messeging, tracking, and service directory.

Coast Employee Messaging gives users quick access to messenging ,Task management ,Tracking employee worrk progress ,functionalities through a simple swipe-to-reveal slide out menu, no matter where they are in the costal area.

Work Message ,Task,Schedule

Launch Screen

Group Chat




Departures & Arrivals

Departures & Arrivals


The Skytz Software Labs team and the Townsquared settled on a blue-White color theme that was both visually gentle on bleary-eyed Schedulers and evocative of the Costal Area Employees..

The design of the Coast Employee Messaging app leverages these colors along with a stylized sans-serif font and use of vibrant images to present a clean and simple app design.




Team chat App

Built for businesses

A challenge faced by the Skytz Software app development team was in providing a reliable chat system to help Coastal Area Employees.Skytz Software Labs teamed up with the CostalPeople to test the Application with backend system after that we create a build into the iOS and Android apps.

With a single tap a user of the Coast Employee Messaging app is quickly able to coordinations with team members ,admin can maps their employee positions and monitor them.

Team chat app Manage your team easily with Coast to work faster and more effectively together.

Be in the “Know”

Employees Tracking

Another challenge faced by the Skytz Software Labs app development team was the integration of real-time information into the app. The Skytz Software Labs team worked with Costal authorities to connect the Employee Messaging App to a live feed between different Groups ,Employees,And individuals and connected with internal systems.

Through this feed, the Skytz Software Labs app development team was able to integrate a real-time chatting fetures between users and integrating many other features, such as Schedule management ,task management ,track Employees ,Rich Push Notifiactions and many more . Skytz Software Labs further enhanced this functionality by creating an opt-in, real-time alert feature, giving Schedulers throughout the Coastal Area and app will notify them immediately of any new task or schedule.


Coast is a simple way to keep your team on the same page and make sure tasks won’t fall through the cracks. Over 5,000+ businesses use Coast to.

All team members are added to the in-app directory, so you can message without sharing personal phone numbers with everyone. Direct message or create new groups to reach who you need.

Featured Highlights

Employees Tracking

Communicate with managers and staff all in one place


Access the team’s directory


Share employee schedules with everyone

Manage & shifts

Easily fill open shifts or swap shifts

App & Notifications,& Feedback

Create team-wide announcements

Live Customer Service

Assign tasks and get notified when stuff gets done

The Results

The Skytz Software Labs app development team, facing both timeline pressure and technical challenges, was able to successfully deliver a suite of apps that showcases Coast Employee Messaging as one of the leading costal Scheduling app in the world.

The Coast Employee Messaging iOS and Android apps have set the bar for Team Chat, Scheduling, & Tasks

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