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We are Software design and development company that is recognized to create high quality products and build stunning software that are both engaging and magnetizable. With 8 years of experience and over 500+ Apps Pushed to the iTunes store and android market, Skytz Software Labs has grown to become the top iPhone app developers in Chandigarh City. Unlocking the potential of Apple’s iOS platform is in our DNA and what we do goes far beyond just app design and development, we are product strategists that work with our clients to build sustainable, long-term businesses that leverage the iOS platform for maximum effect.

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Who We Are

Skytz Software Labsis a best-in-class iPhone app design and development agency that specializes in bringing our client’s ideas to life in the form of beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed, revenue-generating products. Headquartered in New York City, our team of over 65 product thinkers are committed to helping our clients take their businesses to the next level by unlocking the potential of Apple’s iOS platform. We are recognized experts in iPhone development and have capabilities that span across industries and verticals: from mobile on-demand marketplaces, to HIPAA compliant patient management systems to live-streaming video networks.

How We Work

We are a product-focused agency that goes far beyond typical app design and development. The Skytz Software Labsprocess of bringing an iPhone app to life begins with a 5-day focused Design Sprint, where we work with our clients to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing concepts with future customers. The Design Sprint allows us to shortcut the sometime endless design process and compress what sometimes takes months into a single week of concentrated effort. With the output of the Design Sprint in hand, we then leverage our engineering process built upon our adoption of Scrum development practices to rapidly bring to life a fully functioning iPhone app. We aim to keep our development times short as we look to quickly bring to market incremental releases of a product in a continuous product development cycles of build, release and measure.  We believe that great apps for the iPhone aren’t built in a vacuum, a successful product evolves based on how real users respond to it, which means getting products into their hands quickly and then using their feedback to drive a virtuous cycle of product development.

At the Cutting Edge of iPhone Development

The iOS platform spans across much more than just apps for the iPhone and iPad, it offers powerful set of capabilities that include Apple TV, Apple Watch and its HomeKit devices. Our team lives and breathes iOS, with many of our engineers having over 10 years of experience building a range of products dating back to the original iPhone 3s in 2008.  We have fundamental understanding of how the iOS operating system works and our engineers are able to unlock the full potential of the platform to overcome even the toughest technical challenges. In 2014, our engineers adapted and built the patented speech recognition algorithm that is at the heart of the successful PromptSmart iPhone app. In 2017, our team of engineers and designers built the LastSeat travel booking service for iPhone, which leverages a custom-built real-time bidding engine for airline reservations. In 2018, we integrated 4 separate data sources to create the patented dish recommendation engine that powers the HowUdish iOS app. Our team of world class designers and engineers take pride in tackling the most difficult technical challenges and bringing them to life on the iPhone, if you can dream it, we can build it.

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