Everything you need to know about Dominos Pizza Delivery App Development cost and how to get started now!

Pizza Delivery app like, Dominos, Pizza-hut, Papa John, and Little Caesars Pizza, Combine two things that the entire world enjoys – comfort and food – on a single platform.

on-demand food delivery mobile applications are very popular in the present time, Pizza has become the comfort food for many people in the present time

Here are some statistics to prove that –


Dominos Pizza Delivery app Stats


A Few Bulletins for Dominos pizza delivery app 

  • Dominos has 18000 worldwide stores in 90 countries.
  • It supports 29 languages, people can place an order according to their choice of language.
  • Domino’s worldwide retail sales in 2020 were above $16.1 billion.
  • More than half of Domino’s sales come from outside the United States.
  • Over 90% of worldwide Domino markets provide online orders.
  • The following (by numbers of stores from Q2 2021) are the major markets of Domino:
  • U.S. – 6,426
  • India – 1,362
  • U.K./Ireland  – 1,207
  • Australia/N.Z. – 854
  • Japan – 789
  • Mexico – 785
  • Turkey – 577
  • Canada – 555
  • South Korea – 470
  • France – 445
  • Mainland China – 414
  • Germany – 366

Let’s understand what a Dominos pizza delivery app is and how much it costs to develop a dominos-like app.

Dominos pizza delivery app development process User Flow & Architecture?

We started with Domino’s customers and entered the process moment you accessed the app until the checkout, so we knew exactly what was going on. What we found out was that the design was not attention grabbing enough and there were also little issues like fetching of location, that were turning off the users.

Once we found out what the issues were, the next step was to redesign the app and web, one element at a time so that the existing users didn’t had to face any time lags.

Dominos Pizza Delivery app

Cost To Develop An App Like Dominos

Pizza Delivery app

As we discussed before, the expense to develop applications like Dominos and  Pizza-hut is not a big deal. The entire cost of creating an application depends on the application’s functionality and its features.

if you want to create an application with more advanced features and services, such as Back-end, APIs, location tracking, and many other things, then it will be heavy for your pocket, That means it costs you thousands of dollars. But, if you want a simple pizza delivery app with some basic functionalities then we can develop an application within your budget.

The cost to design apps like Dominos is dependent on factors like:

  • Complexity
  • Features
  • Development Tools and technologies used
  • Location of Mobile and  Web Development
  • Designs

Here is a list of basic app functionalities.

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • User panel
  • Profile Screen
  • Multiple Payment options
  • Pizza List and detail information screen
  • Location Services
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Push Notifications


Here is a list of backend functionalities.

  • Manage Users, Delivery, and Restaurant orders
  • Location management
  • Promote offers, discounts, and promotional codes
  • Manage payment
  • App Security
  • Multiple Payment options handing
  • Notification management
  • Location Services
  • Reviews and Rating handling
  • Manage Refund/Order cancellation


Wireframes and Designs of Dominos app

Pizza Delivery app

Design Process divided into 2 phases:

  • Rough Wireframe
  • Select tool for designs, currently Figma or sketch app is more suitable
  • Create the actual designs based on the rough wireframe

All of these bullet points play an important role in creating the final designs. The designers start the mobile app design process of your application after selecting the features. The final design will take place when wireframes and mockups have been completed. Once you agree with wireframes and mock-ups of your application, the UI/UX designers proceed with the final screens

Designs cost also depend on the screen For example, in the US mobile app designs, prices range from $100 to $250 per hour, while in Europe or Asia designer’ prices range from $40-$60 per hour.

Moving forward let’s look at the elements that impact development costs.

Development process 

Pizza Delivery app

1. Complexity

Project complexity and full requirements play an important role in deciding the overall cost. It is because the more complicated the project is, the more time your app designers and developers will take to develop your project and it will increase your project cost. Thus, just like efficient steps software product development is taken, one should be careful while creating marketplace applications.

2. Features

The features you wish to include in your pizza delivery app will also determine the general cost of a marketplace website and apps like dominos. The more time the project takes to finish the features, therefore increasing the time and cost.

3. Tools and Technologies

This is one of the important factors for deciding the cost of apps like the Dominos. It is determined by the framework you pick for your website as well as which mobile platform you choose for your app development (google playstore or iOS appstore). The cost will also rise if you want to use cloud-native platform computing.

Pizza Delivery app Factors That Affect the Cost


Pizza Delivery app

Parting Note

if you plan to create an app with the above-mentioned features then it will cost you around $10000 to $20000. but if you choose to add more advanced features just like domino’s application then the cost goes up between $20000 to $50000.

The top web and application development company can help you create a safe and user-friendly application for your business. The cost of hiring a developer from the United States ranges from $40 to $250 per hour.


We can only give an estimate about the cost, but the real expense depends on what features you choose, which factors you work on, and from where the development is taking place.

If the Dominos app has inspired you to make a pizza delivery app, and you really want to create just like dominos then it will cost you around 15K to 20K, but the development of apps like Domino’s demands a serious commitment of time and money. You must have a clear awareness of what you need and desire to serve. based on this, executing an intelligent approach is what you need to have successful apps.